Welcome to Harvest Hills

Harvest Hills is a thoughtfully designed mixed-use development located at 70th & Yankee Hill in Lincoln, Nebraska. The area is home to a blend of retail, commercial and residential space, providing an inviting atmosphere for shopping, dining, entertainment, and events. Harvest Hills is currently seeking office, retail and residential tenants to join its welcoming community.  

Community – Situated in a thriving, accessible area of town, we’re excited to welcome you to our inviting community. At Harvest Hills, you can shop both local and national brands, explore new restaurants, attend events, meet up with friends, and most of all, have fun and relax

Connection – The purpose of Harvest Hills is to provide a space for you to gather and connect. Whether you’re looking to gather with friends, family, coworkers, or make new connections. There are endless ways to get connected with your community, too – by supporting local businesses, attending events, enjoying live music, farmers markets, and so much more.

Convenience – Give yourself the gift of convenience at Harvest Hills. You have the opportunity to satisfy a variety of your wants and needs all in one place. At Harvest Hills, you can pick up groceries, grab a coffee, catch happy hour with a friend, attend an event, or enjoy the outdoors. With access to all these amenities in one spot, you can check multiple things off your list, give yourself time back in your day and enjoy the experience while you’re at it.

Comfort – As the world moves faster and faster each day, sometimes we need a chance to slow down. When you walk into the community at Harvest Hills, you will be greeted with a welcoming space that allows you to unwind your way. Our comfortable, inviting environment offers you a sense of calm in your surroundings. Harvest Hills is the perfect spot to relax, recharge, and be yourself.

Hampton Enterprises - Properties & Construction is a comprehensive commercial construction and real estate company. We offer general contracting, construction management, property management, leasing, and development - all under one roof with an integrated team approach.

We know construction. We know real estate and development. We can help you construct your dream building or commercial space.

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Build or Lease?

Should I build my own building or should I lease space - this is perhaps the most difficult decision facing businesses. It has significant implications for your business and there are definite advantages and disadvantages to each choice as outlined below. 

We can help you make that decision and regardless of which decision you make we can help with either leasing or construction.   The synergy between our Properties Division and Construction Division gives us the ability to meet nearly any commercial real estate need.  

  • If you have land and want to own - we'll build it. 

  • If you don't have land - we'll help you find it and then build it. 

  • If you want to lease - we have over 750,000 sf of space to consider. 

  • And if we don’t have the right space for you – we’ll help you find it - even if it isn't in one of our developments. 


What happens if you need more space – or less?  With over 750,000 sf of commercial space in five different developments and a unique focus on our relationship with tenants - leasing with Hampton provides you with a significant amount of flexibility.   With constructing your own building – you might be able to add space but reducing space puts you in the position of becoming a landlord and attracting tenants.


Simply put - leasing ties up your landlord’s capital – constructing a building ties up your capital.


If business is still about location, location, location - where visible space is available to lease or land is available to build might be more important than either flexibility or capital/liquidity. That could be especially true for a consumer retail business.  At the same time for professional services the environment and other businesses located nearby might be a more important consideration.